Adult Programs

Join the Fight for Air Climb

Date: Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Time: 8:00am

Location: Downtown Des Moines

We have decided to make Every Step Count by climbing with the American Lung Association's Fight For Air Climb to raise funds for healthy lungs and healthy air.

The funds we raise will help provide patient education, support research and advocacy efforts for everyone living with lung disease including COPD, lung cancer and asthma.

Donate and join our team today, together we can make Every Step Count!

To register go to 

If you would also like to be a part of the Trail Point Aquatics & Wellness team, please contact Tanna Bonanno @

TRAINING PLAN INCLUDED: If you are looking for a workout training plan to get you ready for the climb, check out our 8-week training calendar: Fight For Air Climb Training Program 2019.pdf.

 Register today!

Winter Programs for Adults 

January 14 - February 24

Member Registration: December 28  - 8 am

Non-Member Registration: January 4 - 8 am

Registration is available o​nlin​e at ​or at the Membership Desk.

Fall Program Schedule:




BOGAFiT AdultWed7:30-8:15pm$40/$60
B-Board AdultTues5:15-6:00am$40/$60
B-Board AdultThu5:15-6:00am$40/$60
Tri-Racers Bike/Run*Adult​Tues6:45-7:30pm     7:30-7:50pm


Tri-Racers Bike/Run*Adult​Thu​5:15-6:00am  6:00-6:20am$25/$50
Tri-Racers Swim*Adult​Fri​6:15-7:15am$25/$50
Tri-Racers Swim*Adult​Sun​3:00-4:00pm$25/$50

 *Tri-Racers Session runs 6 weeks, January 14 - February 24.

BOGAFiT - Fitness Regimen developed by combing best aspects of key proven movements. Think Boot camp and a little Yoga on the FITMAT on top of the water! You will sweat, laugh, and work hard all at once and in the H20!
B-Board – Just like BOGAFit with a little twist. Includes elements of strength & yoga on the FiTMAT on the water.
Tri-Racers – A comprehensive Triathlon training program featuring swim, bike & run training sponsored by TriRacers of Iowa. TriRacers of Iowa is a local club of triathletes dedicated to helping those new to triathlon—as they once were.

 Still wondering what BOGAFiT/B-Board is?

Click here to watch a short video, narrated by Aquatics Director, Molly Charley.


90-Day Total Body Transformation

 Total Body Challenge Logo.jpg 


Wow! Congrats to all participants that decided to invest in themselves for just  $1/Day!

As a group, participants lost nearly 550 lbs!

Congrats to Phil Gauthier & Amanda Utz for achieving the highest % of weight lost!


Team Training - NEW for 2019!

Select the small-group training program and times that work for YOU! Runs 1/7 - 3/3.

LIFT: Build strength, increase metabolism, & improve movement patterns in our 8-week program.  Lift is a strength-based program that incorporates a variety of resistance training movements to help you reach your fitness goals.

OR TRAIN: Have fun with a variety of total body conditioning that includes both strength & cardio exercises. This 8-week program is professionally designed to help maximize your results so you can reach your goal faster!

$160 for Members ONLY!

Register online or at the Membership Desk!

Racquetball - Winter 2019


Name                                   Record               League 

Scott Jones                          6-0                       A1

Susan Acoymo                   6-0                       A1

Casey Anderson               5-1                       A1

Tim Byrnes                          6-1                       A1

Robert Marod                   4-2                       A1

Nate Guerdet                    2-1                       A1

Cory Hart                            4-3                       A1

Chris Barnhart                  4-3                      A1

Richard Dietz                    4-3                       A1

Jeff Vaughan                     3-4                       A1

Dayne Logan                     0-4                       A1

Mark Swedlund               1-5                       A1

Martin McCaffrey          0-5                       A1

Brian Funk                          0-3                       A1

James Greafe                    0-4                       A1

Suzanne McTernan       0-6                       A1

Ben Horner                        7-0                       A2

Jeffery Blackmer            6-1                       A2

Shawn Snyder                  6-1                       A2

Chad Anderson               6-2                       A2

Josh Skinner                      5-1                       A2

Sunili Bulusu                      5-2                      A2

Gustavo Hernandez      3-3                      A2

Jerry Saddoris                   3-4                      A2

Vance Temeyer                2-4                     A2

Shaun Murray                   2-4                     A2

Ryan Webb                         3-4                     A2

Michael Ruffolo               2-5                      A2

Tim McGrath                     1-5                     A2

Aaron Briley                       1-6                     A2

Ryan Carswell                   0-5                     A2

Craig Bossard                    0-5                     A2

Sonya Wright                    6-0                      B

Adam Fast                           7-1                      B

Ryan Crabbs                      4-4                      B

Deborah Goebal              3-4                     B

Joshua Reed                       3-4                     B

Jason Jones                        2-3                     B

Sean Strike                          1-6                    B

Beth Miller                          0-4                    B


Our season began in November 2018.

View the Leagues and Lineups:

View the Racquetball Rules here.


Clubs are FREE for Trail Point Members!

Club NameAudienceDayTimeFacebook Group LinkAgesLocation
Mom's ClubAdults1ST THU/MONTH5-6:00PM Moms (No kids!)Cafe X
Runner's ClubYouth/AdultMON & THU5-6PM Ages 12+Track
Volleyball ClubYouth/AdultFRIDAY6-8PM 12+Gym 1B
Weight Management ClubAdultsMONDAY5:45-6:45PM 18+Conference Room 1240C
Women's Basketball ClubAdultsSUNDAY12-1:30pm 18+Gym